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The Joy of learning wherever whenever, however. 

HSSI made it possible to make education an active, engaging part of your everyday life. We invite you to follow your ambitious and professional development through our various programmes and courses.
Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home, on the move, or over a coffee in your local cafe, independent study lets you shape the programme to suit an unpredictable lifestyle. 

You can start your studies when you like and finish when you like; you can even take a break and resume when you’re ready.


Diploma in TPN & IV Compounding Techniques

Diploma in Clinical


Diploma in Infection Control

Advanced Infection Control Diploma

Diploma in Hospital Administration 

Diploma in Healthcare


Diploma in Asthma

Diploma in Public Health 

"You can't teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it."
~Seymour Papert
The Convenience and Flexibility

Online sessions offers busy working professionals the opportunity to plan their study time around the rest of their day and enables students to tend to their studies at any time and from anywhere.

Versatile Coursework

Online degree programs are able to accommodate a wide range of learning styles, dynamic content that includes

self-paced lectures, interactive case studies, collaborative group projects and more.

Skill Development

An independent approach to distance learning teaches the student to be a more effective time manage and develop the technological skills including creating and sharing documents, incorporating audio/video materials into your assignments, completing online training sessions, etc.

Financial Savings

Going the online route can significantly cut the costs. Since you learn online and from the comfort of your own and no transportation expenses. Most materials are also available for download, saving money on expensive texts and workbooks or other arrangements made to attend campus based course.



The HSSI is an educational institution working to improve the quality of healthcare and safety through providing premium programmes and development services. Our programmes and services are designed to meet the growing need for competent and compassionate healthcare and safety professionals.


The Health Science and Safety Institute is an approved center by the British Safety Council. As a regulated awarding organisation, the BSc has to comply with a strict set of conditions. You can therefore be sure that their assessment processes are robust and fair.

Health Sciences and Safety institute is an approved center by National Safety Council.

• The National Safety Council, founded in 1913 and chartered by the United States Congress in 1953, is a not for profit organization charged with promoting the health and safety of citizens. The Health Sciences and Safety Institute shares this commitment and promotes safety initiatives.

The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy. NSC training is trusted worldwide.

Moreover,being a division of Notting Hill College, our credentials are globally recognized.

Notting Hill College is a dynamic British institution which specialises in further education as well as vocational training. The College was established in 2004 and ever since that date, it has been constantly expanding in various tracks; curriculum and programme design, academic partnership and network construction. This diligent work has made us a leading provider presenting diversified learning services.

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